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CNC Machining

CNC machining is Tongyu's most advantageous service.
We provide CNC milling and CNC turning of various materials, as well as tapping, drilling, EDM and wire cutting.
From quotation to production and quality control, we have built our entire manufacturing process around high-quality and fast service to help transform ideas from CAD designs into products. We have developed the latest rapid prototype model technology to meet your Design challenges, and will work with you to verify and improve your product ideas, functional testing and engineering verification. Our CNC machining center is designed for fast prototypes and small batch production. We can either produce complex prototypes or Small batch production of precision machined parts, including various metals and plastics, and various surface treatments.

CNC Milling

From prototyping to production, we are your partner
Tongyu offers a range of solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and reproduce production parts. 
Mass produce custom parts using more than 70 materials and 15 processes. 
Put our effort to our skilled coating equipment engineering team for you.

CNC Turning

Engineers and buyers on your team can quote and buy parts directly in your company's e-procurement system. Automate purchase order creation as well as security and invoicing processes, secure data and reduce procurement costs across the board.
Save Time: Accelerate Innovation Through the Entire Time Cycle
Save money: reduce procurement costs by reducing time spent managing orders.
Guaranteed Accuracy: Order and Data Accuracy Using Pre-populated Fields.
Simplified process: order parts directly in your own procurement system.
Automated Invoices: Automatically send invoices from within the eProcurement system.

Wire EDM Machining

Rich prototyping experience

A team of professional engineers with more than 16 years of experience provides one-on-one consulting services, rich practical experience, analyzes customer and market needs, and gives professional market suggestions. 
Effectively reduce processing costs and time; fast-processing CNC machine tools, products can be processed and shipped for only three days!

Medical CNC

With our positional machining equipment, we are able to manufacture complex geometries with fabricated metal parts.
We specialize in automation, consumer electronics appearance models and functional mold prototypes for industries such as household appliances and medical devices.

CNC turning is typically used to machine cylindrical or tubular shapes, combining the capabilities of lathes and mills to handle the part.
About Us
Tongyu CNC Machining is a precision manufacturer specialized in processing hardware metal and plastic parts and components. It's mainly in CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, auto lathe parts, stamping parts, Sheet metal parts.
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